Saturday, November 1, 2008

Autumn Oak Mittens Syystammi-lapaset

Tein hernekuukusilla värjätyistä langoista tammi-lapaset. Kokeilin muutamaakin muuta pohjaväriä, mutta purin kokeilut ja parhaalta minusta näytti luonnonmusta pohja. Siitä erilaiset kellanruskeat nousevat kauniisti esille ja värit näyttävät juuri samalta kuin ruskan kellastamat tammen lehdet:)
Tein samoista langoista myös tarvikepaketteja kauppaani, näitä värejä ei riitä kovin pitkälle, mutta nyt paketteja on jonkin verran:)

In English
I knitted mittens with the yarns I had dyed with mushroom Pisolithus arhizus. I tried first couple of other basic colors for these mittens, but ended up frogging them and made a pair with natural sheep black as a basic color, I think that is so good with almost any naturally dyed color.)
These mittens are called Autum Oak- mittens, because I think the color is just like autumn color in leaves of oaks in my garden.
I had enough of these yarns to make a limited number of kits which are now available in my shop.


  1. Wow, your mittens are more than lovely. Those colours are just too wonderful.

    I find your dyeing posting simply fascinating, and your knitted creation are divine. Thank you for sharing. Pepper

  2. They are beautiful. I enjoy your blog and all the colours of your yarns. I have a white finn fleece but it has alot of vm in it. I do luv finn though.

  3. Wonderful pattern!

  4. Uskomattoman kauniit!

  5. Leena, I love all the colors you dye, and these mittens show some of them beautifully. I'm about to start working on other mittens I bought as kits from you, I'm looking forward to them!