Riihivilla is a small family business belonging to me, Leena Riihelä, and my husband, Jouni Riihelä. We live in south of Finland and sell 100% Finnsheep wool yarn which I dye with natural dyes, dyes from plants and mushrooms.
I have dyed with natural dyes for about 30 years, but Riihivilla was founded in 1995 and since then we have sold our yarn at the market Kauppatori in Helsinki.
Besides the market we sell our yarn and mitten kits only in our online shop
The market is situated in the centre of Helsinki by the harbor and you can find our booth there usually on Saturdays between September 15th and May 30th.
In the summertime, between June 1st to September 15th, my husband is there couple of days a week and you can see the market days of the following week in my blog.
In our booth we have yarns, mitten kits, some knitted mittens, hats and scarves and Jouni Riihelä's nature photographs and cards.
In the middle of the market there is a big obelisk of two headed eagle, out booth is situated about 20 meters from the obelisk towards Katajanokka and President's Castle, just by the road Esplanad.

Because I dye all our yarn by hand with natural dyes I am not able to produce more than what we sell ourselves, so we are not able to sell wholesale.