Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Japanese indigo seeds Väritattaren siemenet

Minun väritattarieni kukat näyttävät vielä tältä eli ei taida tulla omia siemeniä, vaikka siirsin purkissa kasvavan yksilön sisälle. Tässä kuitenkin muutamia paikkoja, mistä voisi saada ostaa niiden siemeniä:
Englannissa Wildcolours myy värikasvien siemeniä ja myös väritatarta (Japanese indigo) ja
Ranskassa B & T World Seeds myy monenlaisia indigokasvien siemeniä.
Olin kuullut myös Saksalaisesta siemenfirmasta joka myy väritattaren siemeniä, mutta en nyt löytänyt sen osoitetta, sitäpaitsi taisi olla niin, että he eivät myyneet kuin Saksassa.

In English
The flowers of my Japanese indigo (Persicaria/Polygonum tinctoria) still look like this, I doubt that I get my own seeds from them even though I have it growing inside the house now.
Some places that sell Japanese indigo seeds are:
In UK Wildcolours sells seeds of some dye plants and also Japanese indigo
In France B & T World Seeds sell seeds of many kinds of indigo-bearing plants
I had heard also of a German company which sells Japanese indigo seeds, but I couldn't find the name right now.
I don't know right now any sources for japanes indigo seeds in the US or Canada, but if someone knows any seed companies there that sell them, please tell:)


  1. Leena, I can help you with the adress in germany:
    Thueringer Zentrum Nachwachsende Rohstoffe
    Apoldaer Straße 4
    D-07778 Dornburg
    Tel.: 036427-8680
    Fax: 036427-22340

    It`s funny, I had the Japanese indigo the same time in the dye pot, while you we`re posting it on your blog..... and they had also flowers on it. The weatherforecast said snow, so I dyed with all the leave I had.
    I try to bring some plants over the winter: Can you see at the stalk where new roots would come out? I cut pieces of the stalk, put it into water, after a view days new roots came ... so I put them into potting soil and the grow very well now.
    Thank you so much for your detailed reports in the past. It helped me so much!!! . With the cold method I only got "light and frosty bluish-green pastel shade" well also nice ... but not blue!
    I`m looking foreward to read an see more in your blog - its like getting a gift without having birthday!
    Bye, Ute

  2. You might try Earthues here in the Seattle area? If they don't carry the seeds they probably know of someone who does in the US.

  3. Leena, thanks for posting the Japanese Indigo flower picture. My Indigo here in USA Montana (zone 4)never gets to the flower stage.

    However, after a light frost damaging the plant tops, I used the rest of the leaves and the color I got was different than the earlier weeks. Pink and lavender from the vat.

    Looking forward to trying the fresh leaves method for turquoise next season.

  4. Thank you for the comments and addresses:)
    Ute,I noticed also that Japanese indigo roots very easily: I threw some stalks to compost earlier in the summer (after I ahd stripped the leaves off) and after couple of weeks, I saw that I had jap. indigo growing from my compost!

    Justine, interesting results from frost bitten leaves, I should have collected them, too, but now it is too late. Next year...
    By the way, I still have the spruce cones soaking, but I am going to dye with them before christmas!!

  5. as far as I know the center in Dornburg/Germany does not sell the seeds outside of germany (at least they didn't last and this year:(() - but you can get them here in germany:
    ordering seeds is no problem there and the postage is reasonable. they offer other dye plants too, some pretty rare.

    my plants are still growing in the tunnel, but I have to hurry to pick the leaves or the temperature is going too low! the humidity in the tunnel was so high during autumn that the plants grow aerial roots from the nodes like long beards....

  6. Thank you for the address, You had already given it to me once and I lost it. Now it is safely here:)