Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Blue scarf Sininen huivi

Olen tehnyt näitä tällaisia huiveja, 39 silmukkaa, kolmosen puikoilla ja keskellä kuuden silmukan palmikko (en voi sanoa keksineeni itse mallia, se on niin yksinkertainen, että varmasti tällaisia on tehty iät ajat). Tämä langan värit on jo kehruuvaiheessa tehty liukuviksi, siis oli alunperin lampaan harmaa, ja olen sen värjäänyt indigolla. Muutamia vyyhtejä lankaa on nyt nettikaupassa. 150g vyyhdistä tulee minun käsialallani n 160cm pitkä huivi.

In English
I have knitted this kind of long scarves for Christmas, 39 sts, needles no 3mm and the cable in the middle is 6 sts wide (this is so simple design, that I am sure it has been used already ages ago, so it is not my design). I had a little natural grey self-striped yarn, the stripes were made already in spinning, mixing white and black sheep wool, so that the color changed from light grey to darker grey. I have dyed this yarn with indigo, so that the color is now greyish blue, very nice to my eye:) I have some skeins of this yarn now in my shop and from 150 gram skein I made a scarf 160cm long.


  1. It is a simple scarf yet very beautiful in it's simplicity. Lovely colour.

  2. Hello.
    I have just found your blog, and I'm very exited to read about your dyeing.
    I'm a mushroom (and plant) dyer myself, and live in Denmark. Sometimes I write a little about my mushroom dyeing experiences on my blog, please go visit, even though it's only in Danish..
    Thank you for sharing your knowlegde :-)
    Best wishes, Birthe P

  3. Hi Birthe,
    I think I have read about your experiences with Hapalopilus nidulans, very intersting, that you got blue from it:)