Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Questions about thumb Kysymyksiä peukalosta

Olen saanut muutamia kysymyksiä peukalokiilan tekemisestä ja tässä nyt kuvina vastauksia. Kuvassa on tulossa mustat Tulppaani-lapaset.
Lisään peukolokiilan molempiin reunoihin joka kolmannella kierroksella (niinkuin ohjeessa mainitaan) yhden silmukan, teen uuden silmukan edellisen kerroksen silmukkaan, näin lisäyskohtaan ei tule reikää.

In English
I have recieved some questions about thumb gusset and I have now pictures of black Tulip mittens where I can show some details how I make them.
I add one stich to each end of the thumb gusset in every third round, I do this by making the new stich to the stich from the previous round, this way there is no hole where the added stich is.

Sitten jatkan kiilan tekemistä, kunnes tulen kiilan toiseen päähän.
In English
Then I continue until I come to the other end of the gusset.

Tässä näkyy vasemman reuna lisäys, punainen silmukka tehtynä mustaan edellisen kerroksen silmukkaan.
In English
Here is the new red stich made on the back stich from previous round, the left end of the thumb gusset.
Toinen kysymys on koskenut sitä, että kun peukalokiilalle tulleet silmukat on otettu erilliselle langalle odottamaan, tilalle luodaan 3 silmukkaa ja kuitenkin kun peukaloa aletaan neuloa, tästä nostetaan 13 silmukkaa. Näitä silmukoita ei siis nosteta suoraan vaan uusia silmukoita luodaan koko peukalon takareunasta.
In English
Another question has been about the back of the thumb. After the gusset has enough stitches and is long enough, the stitches are left to rest on a piece of yarn and 3 stitches (in the beginning there were 3 which are now on the gusset) are cast on insted, so you have the same amount of sts as in the beginning. When you start to knit the tumb, you pick 13 stitches for the back of the thumb, not only those three, but you make new stitches from the back of the thumb hole like in the pictures below. So you don't pick up the sts but create new from the back of the thumb hole.

Peukalon pitäisi näyttää valmiina tältä takapuolelta
In English
The back of the thumb should look like this
I hope these pictures help and making of the thumb gusset will be easier. I think that a mitten with a gusset like this sits in my hand much better than if you make a simple hole:)
It is also a traditional Finnish way of making a thumb, it is seen in Mary Olki's books from 1950s and this is the way my mother has taught me to do it.


  1. hi, leena-
    i am one of the people who asked about the thumb gusset, specifically about the 13 sts to cast on over the 3 sts. i am done with the mittens i am making, except for the thumb, and can see that by casting on the 3 sts. a little looser than i usually do, i will have no problem picking up the 13 sts. i will post a picture when i am done on my ravelry page. the yarn is wonderful, and i love the designs. my friend ruth and i just ordered more kits from you, and i'm really looking forward to getting them.

  2. Hi Mittz,
    you were not the only one, so that's why I thought the pictures would help. I will definetly look at your pictures in Ravenly :)
    I hope you like the new kits, too, when they arrive.
    I have now finished the tulip mittens and will start to knit Northern lights, first with dark colors and then with lighter ones, so that I can make a kit of it with also lighter colors. I like how the natural colors look knitted with natural black yarn, it kind of brings the other colors up, but sometimes also lighter background looks good.

  3. Thanks a lot for the photos.
    I've just end my first mitten ( tulip) and it's really a nice way to knit thumb because it's more comfortable to wear.

    Now I have to knit the second mitten!!