Friday, January 1, 2010

New year- new mittens Uusi vuosi -uudet lapaset

Tein ennen joulua näitä lapasia. Malli pohjautuu vanhojen raanujen ruusukas-kuvioon äitini idean pohjalta. Väreinä on lampaan omia ruskeita ja sinisiä värjätty morsingolla ja indigolla. Ohje on naisten keskikoisiin lapasiin, mutta kuviota on helppo suurentaa tai pienentää tarpeen mukaan. Tarvikepaketti näistä löytyy kaupastani.

Lämmintä ja värikästä uutta vuotta 2010 kaikille:)

In English
I made these mittens before Chirstmas. The design is based on my mother's idea from a pattern of old Finnish weaved rugs, but I am sure it is universal. When made with looms it is called ruusukas in Finnish, but I don't know what it is called in English. This is quite easy pattern to knit, the graph in the kit is for women's medium size mittens, but the pattern is easy to make bigger or smaller.
The colors are natural browns from the sheep and blues dyes with indigo and woad.
You can find a kit for these mittens in my shop and the name of the mittens is Blue Tradition.

Happy and Warm New Year 2010 to everyone:)


  1. I just love blues, the colors are beautiful together. You have a really good eye for what colors go good together.

  2. Hi Leena Happy New Year. The colour s in the mittens are wonderful I love the blue with the natural colours. Best Wishes Helen

  3. Lovely blues and a pretty colour combination, Leena! I really like these mittens.

  4. Thank you!!
    I wanted to use the blues I had dyed with my own indigo+woad and the mittens turned out very nice.
    I have another idea to use blues too,but I have to try out how they look first:)