Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Market days Toripäivät

Tämän viikon alusta aloimme olla Helsingissä kauppatorilla taas myös useana arkipäivänä.
Varmimmin meidät löytää kojustamme maanantaisin, perjantaisin ja lauantaisin. Tiistaisin, keskiviikkoisin ja torstaisin toripäivät vaihtelevat, jokin niistä on yleensä kotipäivä, jolloin hoidamme postitse tulleet tilaukset matkaan. Tällä viikolla emme ole torstaina torilla.
Minä olen torilla aina perjantaisin, muina päivinä vuorottelemme mieheni kanssa.
Näin kesäaikaan lähetämme netin kautta tulleet tilaukset kerran viikossa, useimmiten postipäivä on tiistai tai keskiviikko.
In English
This week we started our summer at the market in Helsinki. You can find us there for sure Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays. In other weekdays we are mostly at the market, too, but there is always one or two days per week when we are at home and take care of mail orders, usually that day is Tuesday or Wednesday. This week the mailing day at home is Thursday.
You can find me at the market always on Fridays, in other days we take turns with my husband so I can't say which day I'll be there for sure and which day DH.


  1. where is the market? I have a friend who will be visiting Finland in July.

  2. The market Kauppatori is in the middle of Helsinki by the harbor and the main shopping street and park Esplanadi. It is very easy to find and you can find it in all tourist maps of Helsinki:) Of course finding our booth among all the other booths may not be so easy, but we have a sign Riihivilla with pictures of sheep and usually I am the only one who sells yarn and especially yarn dyed with plants and mushrooms. Our booth is near the big eagle statue in the middle of the market, just about 10 meter from the statue towards the President's palace and Katajanokka.

    I like to see my readers so please stop by to say hello if you (or your friends) are in Helsinki. And if my husband happens to be at the market that day (and I am home dyeing) he is pleased to see you too.

  3. Dear Leena, beautifull colours you dye! I'm from a dutch company that produces Madder. Are you interested to receive the colourcard? best regards, Marita

  4. Dear Marita,
    I am interested. Can you please write to my email: riihivilla(at)gmail.com so that I can ask more.

  5. Oh, I really wish that I were going to Helsinki!

  6. Hello! Not sure if you'll remember me, but I bought one hank of indigo from you at the marketplace. The yarn is so soft and I can't wait to make the socks! Oh, and love those red tulips!

  7. Hello!

    I visited the market last week and met you. I was the tall blonde with short hair. I mentioned that I was buying something for a friend who *loved* knitting. It was great meeting you!