Saturday, October 23, 2010

Frosty mornings Kuuraisia aamuja

Kumpa saisin värjättyä tällaisia värejä!

I wish I could dye colours like these!

Talvi lähestyy ja parin viime yönä on ollut jo pakkasta, kasvit ovat aamuisin hienossa kuurassa.Väritatarten leikatut versot ovat mustuneet, mutta kiinalainen morsinko on vielä kunnossa.

Winter is coming closer, last couple of nights have been way below zero.
Last of the japanese indigo has gone black, but chinese woad is still green and well.

Kylmien tullessa minun piti alkaa siivota myös erinäisiä ämpäreitä täynnä epämääräisiä käytettyjä väriliemiä ja mössöjä likoamassa. Tunnistamattomia kertaalleen keitettyjä sieniä ja muuta, josta ei ole aavistustakaan mitä ne mahtavat olla. Vinkkinä itselle ja muille: muista aina laputtaa seisomaan jäävät ämpärit!! Ainakin näin viidenkympin paremmalla puolella ei enää muista muutaman viikon jälkeen, mitä niissä on. Nämä sekalaiset jämät joutuivat nyt kompostiin, valitettavasti:)

The winter is coming and I had to check my various buckets full of mostly once-used dyebaths and soaking barks/mushrooms. About most of these I have absolutely no idea anymore what they are and a good hint for myself and for others: always remember to put labels on saved dyebaths or soaking dyestuffs!! At least my memory isn't as good as it used to be, and after couple of weeks I have to guess what each bucket contains. The contents of these unidentified buckets went to compost now, unfortunately:)


  1. as bad as the frost is for some dye plants - it does make for phantastic photos! we haven't had any frost yet - but I am waiting for it, because I want to pick sloes:)) and I shouldn't only lable dye baths... I should lable pretty much everything to do with dyeing. I received a very old, slightly nibbled pack of dyestuff... without lable! it looks a bit like old cochineal to me- but I am not sure. have to test it to find out:))

  2. Nuo väriliemet ovat kyllä todella hurjan epämääräisen näköisiä ;-D Ties miksi noidaksi joku saattaa sinua lulla jos nuo näkee! Syksyn värit ja kuura yhdessä ovat lumoavia, aivan ihania kuvia!

  3. Thanks Bettina and Saila.
    I'm pretty pleased with the photos myself, too.

    I always think: sure I'll remember that this red bucket is this and this and green one is this, but of course I rarely do after a few months... it would be wiser just throw the used baths and mushrooms/barks/leaves away:)

  4. Such lovely photos !
    Yes Frost is coming here too (Belgium)
    sooner than usual I think
    You are so right about labels !
    You always think you will remember
    but after a while...

  5. i woke yesterday to our first snow. frost was late this year. i am never sure what things are and never label. your words are a good reminder, because label of what something is and the date would help. you canged the blog template? it's very fine.

  6. Thank you mary lena, päivis and Velma:)
    I'm glad you like the new template, I wanted to be able to post bigger pictures in the future and the template allows it, and anyway, maybe change is good.Now I have to get used to the new look.

  7. gorgeous photos! and i too like the new template.
    i have mystery dye sessions more frequently than what i'd like :)

  8. Thank neki, the change of the template went well, except the little lock symbols in the sidebar are now visible, and I don't know how to change that.. it doesn't look good! Any help would be appreciated.

  9. I absolutelys love the sight of the first frost on fresh plants and your photos are great. If only the beauty of the frost were not so ephemeral and disastrous to the plants:-(
    It is only the frost on winter trees after a foggy night that surpasses it. I've always wished I had a good camera to take photos of spruces or tombstones or some interesting fence with winter frost on ti , but now that I've got it it's always too cold for my fingers to take pictures.

  10. Photos are beautiful-colours are softened. I once left a bucket of walnut dye out and it froze solid, when I dyed with it in the Spring it was the darkest walnut dye I have ever had!

  11. Ihania kuvia! Kuuran värit ovat kyllä jotenkin niin erikoisia.

  12. I can so relate to the buckets of unmarked natural materials...the other day I threw out some sandlewood that I had just cooked up, forgetting what I had put where...labels labels labels....good plan...and lovely frosty photos Leena. I am still gathering sanguineas, they are just coming on big time here, and this year I found a lot of old stumps. Growing right out of the stump, oh the wonders of mushrooms...f